From Atlantic to Pacific, meeting oceans!

Starting 2017 !!! Winter in Europe (br…) ir order to reach Himalayas in summer (Yeah!!!)
With rest days and not racing we plan to cross Europe in January and February, then Turkey in March and April in Iran. After that I guess we will move slower and the summer will be spend in ‘stans.. hoping to reach the Taklamakan Desert by July and cycle Tibetan Plateaus in August in order to cross Himalayas before the Autumn falls, but who knows! Next is clear, descending into India and cycling in Myanmar when it starts snowing back in Europe. How far will we go depends on our power, but also on our will and finances.. So the finish is quite blur in terms of location as well as time, we didn’t set it up.

So, have a look at our dreams:

And let us know, what do you think about it. Maybe you know some tips like where and how to bike? Where are the ways rough? What about the weather? Visa issues? Or maybe some important sightseeing places? Food and accommodation advises?
And of course we are waiting for “Come here guys! Tonight stay at our place” messages .)

What do you think?