What to wear for a year on a bike !?!

That question is still running in my head (the departure is on the nose) and already for about a year! What to wear while bicycle touring during the cold and the hot, the wet and the snow, that would be comfortable for cycling and for daily life and also socially acceptable in such countries as Iran. And don’t forget: all should fit in the panniers.

Up to the last year the question ‘what to wear’ was just the daily dilemma regarding the style or just out of boredom. It would happen daily but also it would be just a thought about the day, the next day, some weekend or a week… but what about for a year? Have you ever thought about what to wear for a year?
THAT is a bit harder to decide if you like us want to travel in winter and in summer and had never had long journeys or been on a big bike tour before.

It is hard basically just because we lack experience and some free cash. Last year more than ever I have been constantly visiting outdoor shops, trying things, reading reviews, asking for a help in forums and uf.. simply contemplating about the wardrobe for a year! Right, the whole year outdoors.
But all is possible, especially when the ‘deadline’ starts approaching.

Do you necessarily need special clothes for bicycle touring?

Well, not really, if you will cycle just during the nice weather for short time, for leisure rather then sports and you are not of the type that sweats a lot. There were plenty of travelers coursing the World long before special clothes were invented.
But it is more convenient with special gear as it is light, breathable, durable, dirt repellent and much much more. The best thing probably is the waterproof things that are also breathable. Well, once you try these things on, it is hard not to like it. It is just the design that often is too sportive for bike touring, too black or vice versa: too colourful. And also the better the design, the better the price of course.

So what do I need from those special clothes?

I would say at least some good waterproof jacket, pants and gaiters (shoe covers) and a baselayer that would let your body breath and would wipe all the sweat. On top of your baselayer you can wear some wind protection layer if it is cool, soft shell that would sort of protect you from wind for a chilly weather or warmer layers like fleece under the soft shell of wind protection layer that would keep you warm in winter.
We were told many times that testing is the key and I can just repeat it again as what works for me does not always work for Umut. So if possible find some friends to borrow and test their stuff.

Wardrobe for a year on a bike fits on my side of the bed

bicycletouring garderobe

So lets look what had I already decided to wear, what is still missing and  what I am going to wear on a bike for the whole next year. There are some technical cycling and simple outdoor clothes as well as some casual ones.

At the top line from left I have rain pants, shoe covers, then softshell baggy hiking pants and zipoff summer sort of pants, outdoor skirt and tights, some socks, then cotton tights for sleeping (still resourcing…) and some off the bike stuff like shirt, Tshirt, summer chino pants, summer sweater and woolen sweater, ending by Turbodown Columbia jacket (hope it can save me from cold).

At the bottom line bright shining lemon rain jacket, some buffs, hats, gloves and then softshell, fleece, wind stopper, longsleeved thin fleece, base layer and summer cycling t-shirts and underwear. Nearby woolen undershirt and long jones, wind stopper gilet and down west as I am always freezing.

Still thinking about base layer for the bottom and underwear, as well as warm warm socks while cycling… And maybe one more pants for off the bike. And if there still will be some place … but well, the pannier was already full. All in all, clothing gear is about 7 kg. I guess still quite good.

So, pannier is full, but not that heavy yet!


The full list of our gear soon to come in a new Menu Page.

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