Warmshowers vs Couchsurfing: different connections

With some people emotional connection happens very fast and it is strong, with some it takes time. Of course all is about empathy, but when we are hosting travelers, like from Couchsurfing or Warmshowers, shouldn’t it be the same kind of empathy for all of them? Well, seems it is not, at least not for us.

Our most recent guests, Suzanne and Louis (and their blog in french) asked us what is the difference between couchsurfing (CS) and warmshowers(WS) as it was the first time they were trying warmshowers. Well all I could think off at that time was that Couchsurfer might just not be ready to host your bike, so you should not forget to ask for that while writing a request. And also, I am always remarking that… CS has changed a lot in recent years after it was sold :/. Now despite having many members it isn’t sometimes responsive at all, as many of them are not active, and I am not talking about empty profiles… WS has definitely less members. As well many who registered at CS are not necessarily travelers, or well, not adventure travelers. Some are just searching for a company to go out, some to practice foreign languages or just meet new people. Which is not wrong or anything, just different if I compare with warmshowers.

Later on thinking about those differences it stood out that with warmshowers guests we had got more connected than with cs ones! For a moment I thought it is just that there is always a common topic with WS guests: bikes, camping, blogging. But CS guests, I talk now about the ones that come to visit us, so it means they are also traveling, right? So why is that?

Bike touring people or adventure travelers have just different vibes.

This just came to me after I was reflecting on the time spent with guests. All WS travelers we hosted came with elevated spirits and were shining with joy and happiness. It was not that we spent more time or talked more with WS. Talking, communicating to feel or notice those vibes is not necessary, however it always happens. The conversation just naturally rolls out as people wish to share those joyful emotions they have.
And that is the difference!!!

The more I think about it the more I am convinced that bike riders peddling for fun with open hearts are simply so happy and so full of emotions you can’t compare with a weekend traveler. And it is all because they get high from biking! Yes, that is my new theory! Biking can get you high! And so those bikers when you meet them they are radiating that happiness and they want to share that. They don’t come with prejudices or expectations, they come with smiles and those warm open hearts.

Our Warmshowers guests: 2 solo travelers and a couple from Quebec!

Up to know we had just 3 WS requests, well actually 2, the first one I hunted through the Forum in Facebook and invited to come over as he was around Prag. All in all we had 2 solo travelers – guys and one couple in their late 60’s (!). They were all amazing in their own way and it was a great experience!

Our first guest Manel from Spain, Barcelona is just traveling around the world as he says. He was slowly moving towards north in late Feb when we hosted him. Loads of bags, big white smile and his Spanish positiveness :). When I’m writing this, he is moving away from the North Pole in Norway, but who knows where is he when you read this. So, check him out and follow LosViajesDeManel.com

The second solo traveler was Lithuanian guy Eugenijus that didn’t notice on the profile I was Lithuanian too. Such a coincidence we met and of course as it is with small countries were already had friends in common! He passed by at the time the coolest part of the city: Neustadt was having a street festival – BunteRepublikNeustadt! And was on his tour to Italy to see Vesuvius! Now he is already traveling back to Lithuania. To follow his travel notes check the Instagram: eugis

Our third guests were a couple Suzanne and Louis from Quebec, Canada in their 60’s touring in Europe for a year! They were asking for a night but we convinced them to stay for three! We really had a great time, spending evenings together, like dining with wine and chatting. All I could say is I wish that when we will “grow up” we will just as much full with energy as they are:) They are an incredible couple that indeed inspired me a lot and so this post was born! And well, if they can bike, everyone can bike! And their journey in french to follow drettedevant.com

So let’s bike the life! 

And let’s explore warmshowers, or couchsurfing, or both and let’s meet on the road .)

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