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Visiting friends in Zagreb

When we arrived to Zagreb we didn’t know much about it and the first thing we have felt was the Medditeranian culture. It was so somehow nearby. The weather seemed to be warmer, people more communicative and chatting, more going out. There were plenty of cafes and they were somewhat full. It felt like kind of noisy, compared to Hungary, but well, we were standing in the capital of Croatia, 0.8 million size city, and I must say it felt like more.

We got hosted by my friend and so we wanted to take a couple of days rest and also get the last shot of vaccination against Rabies (more expensive than the Czech Republic, but still cheaper than Germany).

The first morning we have arrived, of course, only after having burek for breakfast, we rolled out to the travel medicine centre for the shots. The rest of the day we spent simply roaming in the city. We walked around the beautiful old town photographing all the corners and we really liked it, the mix of everything: European architecture like in Viena or in Paris, local style 3-4 storey houses with red rooftops, kind of reminding the Spanish cities, and of course the socialistic buildings, blocks, modern glass buildings.

We looked at all touristic objects marked on the touristic map, and though the city hides lots of history and there is plenty to read and hear about all, we skipped that part. We definitely plan to come back for a visit! And as there is plenty of lists, what to see in Zagreb, we would like to share what we have enjoyed.

What to do in Zagreb

  • Walk through the Gric Tunnel in the centre of Zagreb, built in WWII, but never really properly used, thus full with urban legends (Umut’s favourite)
  • Climb more up, into the Upper Town (Gradec), to look over the red roofs of the Old Town or at the sunset (Justina’s favourite)
  • Drink a coffee at a local cafe, at best next to the market, surrounded by city noises (Umut’s everyday favourite)
  • Bring a piece of burek with from a nearby pekarna (Justina’s everyday favourite)
  • Cycle around the old town at night with locals (there aren’t as many bicycle paths as you would expect… and the existing ones are awkwardly planned; and also don’t forget the car is bigger, so forget the priorities when on the bike and keep your eyes wide open)
  • Find some locals and discover the old-new style pubs with a variety of beers

We also have tried the local kitchen with friends, which is indeed already a mix of many kitchens, in my opinion. Differently from Hungary, they have various been stews-soups with veggie fries nearby, Yummy! We were happy to see other than pickled vegetables consumed. However, I don’t remember any dish names, nor a place…
Could be a thing to do too, but well, find a local to advise on that .)

Empty dinner bowls in Zagreb


In general, though it still felt like visiting friends by bike trip, I felt happy we have already cycled so far. But at the same time, I myself couldn’t believe it, especially that winter cycling was so recent. And it didn’t matter my muscles were still stiff, once I was not on a bicycle, I just didn’t feel it is still the same trip we are on. The bird songs were already so loud in the mornings, the wind we felt was warm, the weather was changing and I was again getting concerned what to wear from my yearly garderobe, as I could not find the suitable combination anymore. The spring was sitting on the nose and it was already the end of February!

And it was in Zagreb!

Photos on the way:

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