Vienna to Bratislava on Eurovelo 6

It was the first time ever we started cycling so late, just after the noon, and therefore we had to cycle the last couple of hours in the total darkness. At least there was a bicycle path and it was good and well marked. We reached Bratislava a bit in a floating state: happy and exhausted.

We left Vienna after a long break, a week of winter hibernation. It was Saturday, Feb 11th, when we enthusiastically cycled off to Bratislava, something new for both of us. The route was the famous Danube Cycling Route, Eurovelo 6. It was well marked, prepared and also flat (along the river). We should have paid attention, it is normally windy too. A wide river valley is a great corridor for the wind which blows just two directions: with a flow or against. And what a luck, nearly all the way we had a headwind. Bratislava to Vienna is just about 70 km away on a bike path, but with the headwind, it was too much for the first day after the break we have had: eating and laying around (we were sick too).

So, here is our video about cycling to Bratislava  and the story below!

Cycling out of Vienna was relatively easy, paths are nice. But there were stairs too as we had to cross the Danube. Plus that headwind and already after 20 km cycling I started complaining. I was tired and unhappy, probably hungry too, as it was 15.00 already. The world got definitely better when we saw the Eurovelo sign indicating that the city we planned our lunch stop, Orth an der Donau, is just 8 km away.

Moment of Happyness when approaching lunch-spot

There we had a late lunch and it did help a lot. It usually does, even when I say I am not that hungry and I nevertheless finish all the meal.

Cyclists lunch or the little burger

That small burger too (there was an option for a big burger, still wondering how it could have looked like).

After the lunch the route was so straight we fastly got bored.. till the roads got a bit snowy again. The tempo dropped and the darkness was falling too and till we reached next town it was already dark. The tight muscles were already sore, shoulders tight and the mind tired, especially with the darkness.

When we reached the next bigger town, Hainburg, seeing Bratislava on the other side of the river with a bridge still 10 km. away we thought about taking a train, but rails there had no connection with Bratislava. So we went on, in the darkness, 10 km more on this side of the river, the bridge and then 10 km more backwards, on the other side. Luckily it was all Eurovelo path. So we moved on as we had a Couchsurfer waiting for us there in Bratislava.

With a couple of more stops for resting, drinking tea and finishing the sweets, also stretching our muscles, we arrived. It felt like I was really exhausted, but when we got inside and had a warm tea there was still enough of energy for chatting. It is always interesting to meet local people, hear about their way of living, share impressions and ask for travelling tips. But after the chat, some apples and bananas, we fell into our sleeping bags on a mattress and slept like the dead.

Exploring Bratislava with bikes

On Sunday morning, after the champions’ breakfast, we left to discover Bratislava with our bikes. The capital city, but also the city under the control of many different rulers, so the mix of many cultures that you can see in the architecture.

We found Bratislava’s old town compact, nice and cosy, of course with plenty of tourists and touristic restaurants. Very photogenic too: some very old, some renovated art nouveau style buildings, churches and squares. Also very artistic with funny sculptures. So we made some videos and photos, had some coffee and left towards the Hungary.

Not much further we were approaching already the border and so we stopped for a lunch. There paradoxically we met Slovak culture as we have found the SL’UK, the Slovak traditional dance group theatre and their restaurant and we let ourselves to have some fancy Sunday dinner.

All was really tasty and with a very nice service. We left Slovakia full and happy.

What do you think?