Touring in cold rain: waterproof socks

Once started reading adventures of travelers and tips, there’s no end..

Especially when online, one can get lost in those hyperlinks redirecting you further and further from where you started and you don’t notice how the evening ends without actually reading the article you planed till the end..

So, where we were? Right, tips on preparing for traveling. Let’s look at special clothes, which are plenty and plenty of them you even hadn’t heard about living your casual life, like us till now.

And I am talking this about Waterproof Socks of Goretex or Sealskinz or any other brand! Right, it is not some casual Gore-Text Waterproof Shoes you surely heard about or own a pair, but socks! How many of you have had an idea such thing exists?

Did you know that with this magical socks your feet even when clumping* in your water-filled shoes can still be dry? Unbelievable of what there is already out there!

After I read about it in TravellingTwo I am dreaming about cycling in the rain and in cold and not freezing! It isn’t cheap for sure, you can get a pair of shoes for it as well. But I am looking forward to try and hope we will be able to afford a pair each.

Sealskinz waterproof socks

Waterproof socks of Sealskinz for which in 2016 they got a design and innovation Award!

Little things are always the ones that make me gasp and leave the biggest impression. It is me. Funny, but while in Japan I was at most surprised by the canned coffee from a vending machine, that is served hot! Somehow just could not believe there aren’t such things in Europe, though of course there were plenty of other things I was constantly gasping.

So yeah, we are already checking for gear, the possibilities are plenty and it’s hard to choose, hard to know what will we at most need for the whole trip. There are so many reviews, opinions, advises but the budget isn’t so rich and it is the only thing all depends on.

We have tried to put some calculations on the way, on food, on insurances and visas.. and it is so easy to get up to a 10.000 euros even if planning just to have rich porridge with seeds and raisins and fruits for breakfast… Just for visas we will have to pay at least 700-800 euros! And that of course forces us to save on the gear we plan to take…

And also the other thing is that we need some gear already now for our small trips for this year. We have difficulties to choose if we should just focus first on this year and then we’ll see what we can reuse or what we need or already prepare for the big trip in advance and don’t even mind asking for sponsorship.

The further we look, the tougher it gets.. especially in our minds.

What do you think?