samsung xcover3 water test

Testing Samsung Xcover: preparations for the trip

Hello everyone, long time no sound from us! Sorry for that, no big excuses.

There were just some pictures on instagram – click if you missed it .)

In a meanwhile we already tested various bicycles, consulted with various bicycles’ sellers, bloggers (so many options – really hard to choose) and bought a new phone for a trip!
— P.S. that Instagram video was also made with a new phone ,) —

It was easy with phone selection: Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3

The outdoor phone, that is not that expensive, but still water, dust and shock resistant with ok camera and recorder.

I was lucky to get one of the last ones for even a reduced price as the Xcover 4 is soon to be released, company already sold that model out and so shops are trying to sell it out too.

So let’s look at the outdoor Phone for 149 Eur in water!

We have tested it last weekend in Elbe, Dresden, where we also swam for the first time – up till now where somewhat afraid it is too polluted. Well, as you see from video the water isn’t clear, but no skin rash! And the phone is still working!

Most of all it was important for us to be it water and dust resistant, with good battery and well – ok camera.
I think it meets all the expectations for now and I think it will be great for the trip. Check the specifications if interested below:

Galaxy xcover3 specifications
Of course with wifi switched on it does not last for very long, but on the trip we won’t be hanging ‘on the net’ all the time, as well as we plan to get a Dynamo usb charger!Supernova The Plug : USB Dynamo Charger

Dynamo USB charger is a simple, but not a cheap, device you can connect to a bicycle dynamo that is used for a light and get a usb connection! So that when cycling you could charge our devices!

Supernova offers a great design and so it is costly, but we heard good words about. Still to decide on that too.. But is going to be very practical!

That is is for now with our gear tests!
Didn’t want to test yet how much shock resistant the phone is, I guess the road will show by itself .)

What do you think?