Our future home of 2017: expectations

To begin with I was planing to compose a post on our future home in 2017 while we will be travelling, but somehow at the end it turned out into an inspirational text on hosting travellers! Yes yes that dangerous thing – inviting stranger to your house for a night!

How our future home will look like?

Indeed we are selling off all we have, give up renting apart from some storage place to keep what is necessary or too sentimental to simply throw .) and cycle away into the world.

From that point on there won’t be really a particular place we will call home (as I was writing once in Lithuanian). There won’t be a place to come back. But us, we will be home to each other!

And we will have a tent to hide ourselves from the harsh weather and warm sleeping bags to survive the cold.
Those sleeping bags we already bought, but not the tent… the tent issue is still pending.. (any advices?)

You would ask what about hotels, hostels, pensions or airbnb ? Well, if is necessary we will use it, but our budget is small. And also, I am not sure you can call a home such place, or can you?

The home on our way will be the home of those who will share it. The home of our friends, the home of couchsurfers, of guys from warmshowers that we hope to find on our way and of those who will just open their doors and hearts without even being asked. Yes, it happened already. We know that such random kindness is happening, that people just share their homes, their time, their smiles. It always moves me so deep I feel lump in my throat, I feel an amazing gratitude and a wish to be able to give something back and so the dinner is prepared and stories enroll. Or if you can’t give back for the same person you give to the other one!

And so, we are hosting and meeting random travelers while still in Dresden. Dangerous you say? Dangerous to share or what?

Have a look at the ones we hosted, and just imagine yourself: you are in a place you do not know and someone just welcomes you, helps you and makes you feel like at home? If you are about to say that this does not happen, means you haven’t traveled. I can assure it happens and in the situations you least expect, but not when you are with some planned tour group. The kindness happens naturally, it is our nature to share, we just forget that being enclosed with our things, within our houses, lost in our phones and our world.

Is it actually hard to share ?

I guess sharing is not that easy, because the more you own the less you want to share, the more you care about things the less you care about people. While travelling you realize that it is mostly people that don’t have much tend to share most! Well, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Did you hear that sharing is caring? If it is hard to find the reason why should you care about the other, you can interpret the saying as sharing is caring for yourself. Sharing makes us feel better about ourselves. So, you can start sharing to feel better and that will just start rolling, you will see! it does feel great! Then it is not hard anymore .)

Sharing is very powerful, it can start just with a smile.

So, don’t be afraid to smile to others. You won’t notice how this can lead to a warm conversation if the person is sincere and open. You will share you time and in exchange you will hear a story and travelers’ stories are really great! Thus, if you meet some traveler don’t be afraid to smile at, say Hello! And when you will feel you are ready to share more, share your corner! I promise you will have a nice evening with a nice story and maybe you will make a new friend as we did!


What do you think?