One month to go, to wait or to prepare, then – pedal 


Only a month left and within that month we need to pack all up and move away or move on, whichever you choose.
That one left month includes some dinners with friends, Farewell party at home (still at home!), Christmas trip to Lithuania, and, – moving to less amusing part -, bureaucratic meetings with unemployment office, landlord, banks, electric company, insurance companies…

One bureaucracy is already accomplished though ,)

I just hope I will not forget anything within that last month and will leave Germany ‘properly’, meaning making all according to their laws. So that if I come back, I would get accepted without problems. Germans love bureaucracy and rules and also their language, and that is a challenge you have to accept when you end up here. Doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner or not, you have to follow all up in german, that special german law language. And there is always a feeling like everyone except you knows all those regulations, rules, procedures…

The departure is mid-January 2017

We still haven’t set the departure date precisely due to that bureaucracy things, but it will happen some time in January for sure. And 2017 is not slowing down before knocking on the door as unexpectedly as the first snow for road cleaners. And so with a bit of stress, we are still buying some gear and rushing to sell out some old tech and books. And still planing, planing our departure, not the trip yet. But let’s look from the bright side, still a month to go.

That one more month and the real winter will start in Germany. Although already now temperatures are sometimes dropping below zero, making me anxious despite all the winter gear we bought, and still buying.

Although with fear, with stress and with plenty of todo bullets I’m impatiently waiting for the trip.
Indeed  at most for the departure: the time to just pause and take off.

jump off and departure

What do you think?