Cloudy dream

My preparation.. still nearly a year to go..

Cloudy dream
While passing dark skies and seeing the sun getting up and putting on the morning scarf over all of us, over me, over the train I’m taking every morning and evening, over the mountains I’m passing by.. I morning-dream and I observe. Looking at the flat mountainous horizon it seems the sun is coming right from over there like from it’s hiding spot. Skies start changing fast and bright blue falls over me passing the valley that is still in dark. And I’m dreaming of being outside and enjoying birds tweeting. How beautiful and intense their morning songs are!

I am imagining the trip. I would be waking up at this time together with the light or maybe I would be waken up by birds’ songs? And there I would be in the tent with a cold nose (hopefully not my body). I would open my heavily sticking eyelids and after the focus comes I would see him sleeping nearby and I would feel the morning fog that our breath formed and would sit up to unzip the top of entrance slightly for letting fresh air in. Or maybe, maybe we will have another tent! Much more fancy and cool and functional one, with a great ventilation system. It is funny to say that while sleeping outdoors in a tent I am lacking fresh air, indeed, but everything depends so much on tents. My relatively old Czech loop ‘iglu’ type is still well holding, but it also holds the air inside.. So yeah, I’m dreaming about how will it be there outside and how will I enjoy it. It’s my preparation.

I know it’s not always nice weather, smooth roads and high mood there on the road.. There are things you don’t want even to think about and so I rarely do. Often I find myself reassuring that gear is everything, well, at least very important and so we will get a good gear and that will save our asses from everything, maybe even from bad mood! But even if it won’t we will have one another! Right? There will be bad times and we will just live them without running away like nowadays we tend to do by getting into work, into parties or into drinking or into devices not having time for each other … We will be there spending all the time together. There will be nowhere to run away, maybe just inside us, but that is also ok sometimes. We will have all the roads of the world and nothing more. There won’t be home of ours, we will be home to each other as we will quit the flat to save on rent, we will sell, share, throw things and some we will stock at our friends’ cellars(for whom we are very very thankful). And there will we be with each other, and not forget our gear, on the road, on the road towards us and towards the ourselves.

And it is still nearly a year to go.. a year till we will hit the road but the trip has already started.

What do you think?