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Microadventures: Summernight rain and naked morning swim

Microadventures, I guess you have heard about it, you should have had it. No???

Then act fast, check what Microadventure is!

Microadventure is a small trip even in the area you know and it can be a great adventure if you get yourself out there away from everyday’s life and look at everything with eyes full of surprise!
It was the idea of Alastair Humphreys a great adventurer!

And so we had one such microadventure previous weekend!

Cycling, swimming, going to pee naked, sleeping with rain, swimming naked in the morning then making coffee at the riverbank, and rolling back into still sleeping city.

On our way to swim on Saturday it was really warm and cloudy and we caught the rain (although it was not forecasted) and swam with rain drops together. And when it stopped raining we started searching a spot till it started raining again… and didn’t stop till the morning. It was a bit of frustrating pitching the tent in a rain in a rush, so of course there was some arguments, but just for short, till we both sat down dry in the tent. At most funny was going naked for a pee at night as we of course did not take our rain jackets. Luckily I did grab the outer tent .)

We also forgot mattresses, and even though the night was warm I got chilled and dressed up my long trousers .. having like 18 outside :))) But my hair was still wet from last night swimming and my sleeping bag was really really light and thin, the summer one. And the tent pad at my feet good soaked as the puddle formed in a little decline.

At night while raining some people came to swim with laughter and giggles. And in the morning the locals – the swarm of swans with their littles flew there and there creaking and beating wings.. But we slept it all through till I heard someone picking bottles from rubbish bins.. and then the engine of tractor coming for the rest. At first it passed and so I was phew… because we knew we were in some private territory as it was the sort of beach. But the tractor approached again.. and then the engine stopped. I wake Umut. We hear steps and a sort of knock at our tent followed by greeting ‘Guten Morgen’. ‘Guten Morgen’ we replied in chorus without moving. He asked for permission that we did not have and therefore we were asked to leave in half an hour. It was like 7.30, perfect time to get moving. We got out of the tent just after the tractor left: it was fogy and misty and there were puddles of water everywhere and so I …. walked through the water to the pond and shouted back: ‘Let’s go to swim!!!’ We dressed down and got into a warm water. It is such a light feeling to swim naked! Then we dressed up, packed and left as it looked just like it is going to rain again.

On the way back to Dresden we smelled a bakery and got some croissants that were so chewy they don’t deserve the name. But we made coffee and all went down quite fast while looking at the Elbe river and listening birds form the other bank which was the island the nature reserve and sounded like a zoo!

We passed the Pillnitz castle too (the Summer Palace of August II, really nice one!) :

The thick velvety clouds were clearing away and the sun rays were already on their way. The weather seemed to get better and the day just started when we rolled back into city.

Sure it was a small trip, it was all just like 15 km away at the place we have already visited before as there aren’t much lakes for swimming around, and for most there’s an entrance fee.. but it was fun!
I can’t wait for another weekend to swim naked in an empty lake in the morning. Maybe next time we will record it! Still not used documenting..

What do you think?