Burek with vysnia in Croatia

Meeting with burek in Croatia

Since I have met with Turkey, I fell in love with börek: the very thin pastry rolled with something inside. I also knew there is something like that in Croatia. So not knowing much about the country, I already liked it because of the börek and that is what I have been waiting for since we decided about our route to Croatia.
After all those weeks of cycling through the cold we were already a bit sick of eating sandwiches or pizzas for the lunch, as we were always stopping for lunch at cheap places just to get warm again and not to spend too much money. So, just before entering Croatia, when stuck in the mud, I again remembered about the food that is waiting for us there and I shouted to Umut: ‘You know what?’ and added: ‘There is börek in Croatia!!!’. I was so happy I am going to eat it 🙂
And that was the first thing I did in the morning, in Zagreb. We even had it for lunch too:

Eating Burek with panorama in Zagreb

And you know what, it is available nearly at every bakery and it is called burek. And you won’t believe but nearly every day, at least during the cycling days in Croatia we ate it for the lunch :D. I even remember those couple of days we did not eat it: we couldn’t reach the village with bakery at lunch time and the places we stopped on the way to eat didn’t have it.. Maybe hard to believe, but I was happy eating it nearly every day. And it was nearly the same everywhere, also it was cheap, tasty and fulfilling.
And it goes well with coffee, which was cheap and good compared with previous countries we have crossed: Check Republic (bad coffee), Vienna (expensive), Hungary (often the combination of both)…

So the message I want to convey here, if not clear yet:

If you go to Croatia, don’t forget to try the burek!

They have it with meat, with fresh cottage cheese, as well as with apples or even cherries (vyshnia)! It might cost from 0.9 Euro to 1.5 Euro, depending on the type and size, and of course the place you buy.

And what is marvellous:
You can buy your burek at the backery, called pekarna in Croatian, and then eat it at the coffee place nearby just taking their coffee for 1 Euro or a bit more. It is a common practice and there is nothing strange doing so. It is mainly because cafes don’t serve food (high requirements), so you can bring yours.

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