Let the trip begin!!!

Today it was snowing all the day and the temperature was constantly dropping. We had already had our tickets in the pocket ad was preparing all the day.

One hour before the trip we wobbled fully loaded through uncleaned bicycle paths and streets to the train station to start the trip smoothly, without a stress. As already the day was stressful- finishing all stuff and packing up on time. And also seeing the snow cover increase.

Well now we are finally in the train, towards the west. Bloody hot here, but better so. And oh, bikes are nicely resting.

And we are having our dinner. All warm, settled and on the way to start our journey.

With each station it seems we see more snow outside… But let’s hope that Netherlands will meet and treat us better!

And we switched some scheduled itinerary, meaning no 4 hours waiting in the middle of nowhere – like Minden -through the night. Instead 5 hours in Hannover train station. !!! Yeah!

We found 24 hours working McDonalds.

Well, it was on the 2nd floor, reachable just by stairs, but now we can watch our bikes.

6 thoughts on “Let the trip begin!!!

  1. We are so with you… finally the very first day One at last! Bikes are rutilant, heart is pumping hard, tears are not far… not from sorrow but propelled by a powerful feeling of happiness and freedom. We will read every bit of your blog, biking with you… Cheers Justina and Umut
    Suzanne et Louis

    • Thanks!!!
      We are already on our way. First need to get some rest from trains… and then will start moving. Hope to start on Sunday early Morning to reach you by the evening ­čÖé

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