Hibernating in Vienna for a week

With the train we came to Vienna through the snowy fields of Czechia. Just near the border the black ground was sometimes breaking from the snow cover. We were happy to see that. It was already February, the 3rd, already hard to follow up. Indeed it was just one more day.

Leaving Czechia

Vienna met us with a gray sky, old snow piles, paddles around and sort of cleaned cycling roads and compared with last experience it was a pleasure cycling there and we reached my friend’s house with ease. There more pleasures were awaiting: bowls of beetroot soup and freshly backed, still warm curd pie! We already knew it is going to be hard to leave..
And indeed it was. My friend Justina bakes amazing muffins, just have a look!

In Vienna, we did some tourism, some hiking, a lot of cooking and loads of sleeping. First, Umut was sort of sick, then I got some virus. So it took us awhile to leave Vienna, actually whole one week.

On Saturday, the 4th, we made a Vienna tour. It was the first time ever we were visiting and so there was a lot to see and not that much time till the sunset. Mixed impressions, but we can agree on fancy impressions I guess. Not a small city, loads of things to see and to do and of course lot’s of places to spend money. Averagely it is more expensive, posh and stylish than Germany.

Vienna and horses

The whole foto album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskNZvALd

Sunday was spent relaxing. While I and my friend with a boyfriend were climbing melting hills to look at Vienna from above, Umut was sleeping at home and recovering.

For Monday we had vaccinations planned in the Czech Republic, Znojmo, as it is way cheaper like that. We left Vienna early in the morning and together vaccinations we did some city tourism, walked around the old town, watched at the wine fields, the frozen river above the dam and imagined how nice everything could look in a late summer. Trip with a sore throat, early wake up, vaccines and cold drizzle the whole day … and next day I was sick. I sweat a lot and was so weak I was just slept the whole day and waking up just to eat. Kind of the same next day, but then it was gone.

Meanwhile, there was was some folklore workshop going on in Vienna and so our friends house became a Lithuanian camp for some time 🙂 Not refugee, just lithuanian camp in Vienna.

After all getting better we could have left already, but earlier Umut ordered a new bag for the back rack for more stability and we had to wait for it for longer than expected. So we had one more day for visiting, one more day for tasting fancy things and waiting.
We had packed up on Friday, the 10th to leave, but the bag didn’t come as planned. It came on Saturday just at noon. We have put all panniers and left with my friend yodeling for us from the window!

Unluckily, that was not recorded (too windy and indeed that took us by surprise from the back) but there is another record of her .) I hope she doesn’t mind.

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