Got a new video camera for the trip!

We got a new video camera, an action camera!  And so now we are filming everything! Just like kids with a new toy! And it is..wait for it.. GoPro! Not any GoPro, but the GoPro5! Wooha!

GoPro5 under the cover

When I think about it, it’s not that we are planning to do so much action during our trip, but you never know what comes on the way, right? And it’s basically the best choice for us as it’s small, compact, even waterproof, easily attachable and it can also make great videos.. once the owner learns how to make those videos great.

By ‘we got it’, I meant we were supported by our friends for it! Otherwise, I’m not sure we would have bought it.. the GoPro5.

The long story short is that the support was supposed to be someone’s camera that is not in use anymore… but couldn’t be found anymore… Things sometimes get too serious with hide-and-seek. At the end they put some cash together as for our wedding gift! So we just checked online, got good recommendations for the newly released one, went to Saturn and bought. That simple it was.. to spend 429 euros plus 50 for a card.

And already in the evening we were testing it as there was a special occasion: me, cycling with clipless spd shoes for the first time ever! And I didn’t even know how to clip in! “The-bike-shop-guy”, the greatest bike repair guy from the “Bike Center” in Dresden who lent his shoes for testing, instructed how to tighten the shoes, how to unclip and everything! And here I am, standing outside with a bike, thinking how I am going to clip in!??? In the beginning, the shoe was just gripping the top of the pedal clip. Well, I nevertheless tried that position, pushed down into the pedal and VOILA! It clipped! And it does clip in easily, and it holds so firmly, believe me. You feel so much more safe, no more sliding!

And here it goes, the video from BiketheLife Youtube channel how Justina is learning to ride the bike with SPD /Shimano Pedaling Dynamics/.

(link to the video if not generated: riding with spd for the first time ever! )

And so, getting back to the action camera…. now, after we got it, all it is left is to learn to use it wisely and learn to edit all those clips into nice videos. Just that.

So, if you hadn’t watched yet check our first test, though actually without editing yet.

What do you think?