First images from the Netherlands

We have finally started moving! From friends to friends for a while, what is always nice. So the route was played accordingly. First stop Haarlem.
It has met us with fog and rain. And most important our friends!

From there we cycled to the ocean and our trip has begun.

Umut at the ocean!

Across the dunes, along the shore and the channels, through tiny streets, red brick small houses … and always on the bike path with plenty of people greeting us and ready to help.

The Netherlands is definitely a great place to start our trip. Even in winter here all feels warm (especially people) and nice. All is comfortable and convenient for cyclists. Even the weather is on our side for now: mild, sometimes even sunny and no big rains, not talking about snow.

3 thoughts on “First images from the Netherlands

  1. Very beautiful city! I’m glad the weather is nice with you. It wouldn’t be good to cycle in Berlin at the moment 😉

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