Easter morning tea

Easter biketrip towards Erzgebirge with flying eggs

Easter Morning in a sunny oak forest

This year our Easter Morning was met in a little oak forest with tweeting birds and with some sun getting through tree branches warming the damp chilly air. I have woke up and first thing prepared some water with onion skins to boil and colour the eggs while we would be having our morning tea.

We have been carrying eggs for two days with us from Dresden as we had no plan where do we go and I did not want to celebrate Easter without eggs, in case we can’t find it later on a way. That wouldn’t be the true Easter spirit for me. So we bought eggs in advance and were carrying them through street-roads as well as meadow paths, safely packed in the pannier on the steering wheel on Umut’s bike. There they have survived quite strong bump, fall and Umut flying over them, at the end just one being cracked.

j&n with easter eggs

For the Easter Morning hearing church bells from the village nearby we had our eggs as usual, naturally coloured. Just this time it happened in simple dark orange patterns as we were too hungry to roll in herbs. One more Easter tradition before eating poaching game to figure out who’s going to be the strongest next year wasn’t skipped either. Then we got into our breakfast: eggs with dark bread, horseradish, cucumber… followed by espresso and a toast with chocolate cream.

All in a sunshine, birds tweeting, squirrels jumping around and woodpeckers working on the oaks.
It was a calmness I have been longing for.

Sleeping outside in the end of March

The forecast before the trip was everyday changing.. A week before the forecast was suggesting a warm weekend, suddenly next day it was showing the minus temperatures coming, and if that was for Dresden what would be in Erzgebirge scared us a bit ..

Therefore just before the trip we have ordered new sleeping bags for minus temperatures, comfortable for -4 and good for -10, with artificial filling and most important available to join together. They were so fluffy and big that we even get an extra waterproof bag as they might not fitted in our back panniers. So having some space we have then packed one light fleece cover for Umut and indoor sleeping bag for me. That wasn’t necessary at all, the nights weren’t cold, something around 4-6 C I am guessing. First night was rainy and the second was just humid. On our way we have seen some remaining snow at the heights of nearly 800 m, but we have stayed in valleys, were the snow has melted already a while ago. The fingers in the evening and in the morning would be still freezing, but it wasn’t inconvenient when holding a warm cup of tee. Yes, it was already spring and so we had no opportunity to test our sleeping bags in winter temperatures… But the label showing minus 30 C somewhat comforts we will survive the winter if necessary.

We have been well prepared for staying outside and so it was too hot in our new sleeping bags but of course rather too hot than too cold. For the second night we have joined the bags together as that would apparent reduce the temperature by having more empty space in the bag. But it didn’t feel so. It was nice to stay inside the sleeping bag in the morning for a while. The sun was still very sparsely getting through the trees and it was the Easter Morning. The sleeping bag was covered with small droplets that condensated from our own breath over the night, the same with the inner tent. Maybe not enough of ventilation, not sure. But inside the bag was warm, dry and soft and the droplets weren’t disturbing.

Cycling situation with wobbly wheel and the breaks

The evening before the Easter we had some stupid situation due to our own fault .. Knowing one bikes wheel is wobbly and that there is a small crack on the rim and so breaks aren’t working well we have nevertheless decided to roll down from the peak into Czech Republic.
For a while all was working, also we have stopped time to time to rest our hands from breaking.

Once the road started getting steeper I have shouted this back to Umut to warn, but it was too late. Umut’s bike started rolling faster and while passing me he just shouted ‘I can’t stop!! ‘. I saw him lowering his feet to try to stop and then he disappeared over the corner. When I got over the corner too I saw his steering wheel wobbling to the sides like crazy, one drinking bottle fell out and rolled to the side. The road was getting into a village and on the sides stood houses with no front meadow. A moment and I saw Umut turning towards one house but he again disappeared from my sight. Another second and I saw his bike half on the side slope of the house just next to a brick colon which is prepared to be the corner of the fence and then I saw Umut behind the bricks and not moving as he flew over his bike. As I rolled down and dropped the bike I ran to him to find out that actually all was fine.

Umut have seen that steep small slope prepared for the fence as the only opportunity to stop and so he deliberately rode into it, which of course made him fly a bit and he luckily did not touch that colon, but flew sort of behind it. I found him laying in a flower garden on the soil bordered with small brick corners framing that slope. Except the shock he was fine, nothing broken, nothing damaged, nothing bruised, just some dirt on the shoulder and the side of the jacket.

After the bump the wheel just got a little bit more wobbly, but nothing more and the crack was still there the same length. However we had enough of stress and with that bike we didn’t want to continue further down the hill though we adjusted the breaks better. So we just walked down the rest of the hill.

Only when the terrain got flatter we cycled out of the city, camped over and next day after our Easter breakfast we cycled like 10 km into next biggest city nearby to get a train back. Then we looked back and saw the hill we rolled down once..

We finished our trip in Usti nad Labem, the city we have already crossed several times before and also once had to take the train from it back to Dresden. It has a small old town, that we already have walked around. This time checked the Vetruse for the nice view, enjoyed the sun and the time.

Day in Müglitztal – Müglitz valley

Before that stupid evening we have had a great sunny day in Müglitztal ridding along the river to avoid steep relief changes and that was a beautiful road as we got on a smaller and calmer roads that at the end, just over the border turned into a pre-road or grounded field path following up to the source of the river along the Czech-German border. The path went on the Czech side, but the Germany was just over the river and there were plenty of signs to warn us about the boarder. PAZOR! Attention! Beware that crossing a river is crossing a border.
After half an hour we have left meadows behind and ran into the first Czech settlement that has greeted us with Lamas! Those animals that in Europe you see rather at the zoo.. Being already hungry we did some more slow climbing observing the leftovers of snow till we finally reached a peak and get a wast view over the Czech land.

Lamas in Czech Rep

The air was brisk and so the view wasn’t clear but the feeling to step both feet on the ground after peddling for a while and see much further than just in front of the wheel, than just the asphalt and lately field stones was really great. It was Mückenberg or in Czech: Komari hurka hill just above the village Krupka Hora, lifted up to nearlly 808 m nn. Not a big deal, but not so small either:)

Looking around for some place to celebrate on the peak we could not see it. One restaurant nearby was closed, some open doors behind the restaurant didn’t look like open for visitors. On the other side there was a parking lot with plenty of cars, even a tour bus, but no people. Umut spotted a driver in a bus and just loudly asked him if there’s a place to eat here. We were pointed to climb more up. Just 100 m. more up. UP? How more UP could it be Umut said and we started to peddle. Well it was quite up and the last meters we had to push our bikes. We left them at one sort of parking place with all our gear. We still needed to walk for 10 more meters up to the restaurant.

Restaurant on the peak of Mückenberg – Komari Vizka- was a nice typical Czech place, having a style of hunters pub, all furnished in wood. It was a proper local place where even Barwomen were drinking beer while not serving. But it was also full of Germans. We quite soon received our big fat portions, and amazingly tasty dark beer in combination with that had widen our smiles. The sun was bursting through the windows making inside so hot and cozy. After a good rest we sat on the bikes and the rolling down part came with Umut’s fly and the walk-down the hill.

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