Blogging while on the road

Blogging is harder than I have thought when on the road. It just simply doesn’t work for me as I have expected.

It could be because the evenings are still so short and the nights so cold in winter – spring in Europe, the time we are on the road. And during the days we spend our off-cycling and off-eating time on searching couchsurfers, then spending time with them, or sometimes simply on arguing which road to take or who is guilty of getting lost, bad maps, roads or weather. Sometimes we are even too tired to argue. Tired from moving, from each other or ourselves. We just sit and observe the surroundings. In other words, there are times we do nothing. So there are times to blog. But then, even if I feel not that good about doing nothing, I can’t make up the blog post. Umut constantly reminds me that we are on holiday and there is nothing we have to. Sometimes that helps. Sometimes we argue about that too. But more often even with my head full of thoughts I just give in. There is often so much to say, I don’t know where to start and so I let it sit for a while… And with new impressions, the loop continues.

I am really astonished by travellers-bloggers sharing constantly and fresh news from the road! I understand now, that it really isn’t a piece of cake (for English) or a ponny hof (for Germans). Or maybe it is for some? Maybe some travellers mastered a pattern of writing down the impressions; they found their way of expressing, their writing structure, place, time. Like a ritual.  Or could it be, that some people don’t collect all the impressions, they somehow filter it. Or they focus on numbers. Maybe that is the problem, why I find blogging so hard. I can’t find the right pattern for myself yet.

Since we started cycling we always have the routine, which is obviously the same for all the bicycle tourers: eating-cycling-sleeping, with a loop of eating-cycling. Well, depending on where we sleep, the routine changes a bit. As we couchsurf, we spend a lot of time with people in the evening and so I always think that in the tent I would have time for myself or time to blog.


But if it happens we camp, after spreading the tent and settling down while other is taking care of cooking… we finally get to eat, often a bit too much as we were hungry. After eating, when evening falls and the temperature gets dropping we rush into our sleeping bags. And well, getting into sleeping bags takes time, especially making yourself comfortable, finding a place your muscles would get relaxed. By then it is completely dark and the thoughts start sinking under a warm meal and soft mattress. Even if you try to do something, like opening a laptop to edit photos or typing on the phone the eyes just close by themselves so easily, hiding from any kind of artificial light. You struggle for an hour but the tiredness wins. And sometimes you fall asleep and it is still so early. So maybe, maybe you could wake up in the morning and do some work on a laptop then! Before the breakfast! But that has never worked yet… as after I wake up I get terribly hungry. Tea and cookies? We never carry that much of cookies that could fill up the black hole in my stomach in the morning.

But well, wasn’t this post about blogging? Right. It seems it is not a priority for us, neither it is a need we constantly have to take care as eating and sleeping. And shower too. And then comes couchsurfing as well, that is sometimes a need too. So blogging stays on a back saddle or too deep down in the panniers to be reached…

5 thoughts on “Blogging while on the road

  1. Hello Justina (& Umut),
    I’m following your blog since last fall, I think from a link made by fellow french canadians you hosted as warmshowers last summer..?
    I spent 6 months in Europe last summer and managed to blog every 3 to 4 days but it was A LOT of work to stay up to date (in fact, my wife helped a lot, mostly in the first months). Not sure I would try to do it again because of the stress it caused but very happy to have made it though, just not to forget too much about this special time of our life. So I understand that you feel loosing something not achieving exactly what you thought you could beforehand…but Carpe Diem…it will go so fast, you won’t believe it!
    Tailwinds & safe travels to both of you, summer is just around the corner!

    • Hey David! Thanks so much for following!
      You have met the canadians? They are crazily lovely people!
      We appreciate your comment, indeed it is so true. Umut is surely agreeing with you so much about that special time. But me, I nevertheless time to time grumble that maybe he could write something… 🙂

  2. I don’t think that blogging should interfere with your enjoyment of the journey. Blogging is a modern phenomena and you don’t need to do it. Just enjoy the journey and all the experiences that you are having. Just think of all the stories you will have to tell when you get home after your trip. The constant blogging means that people already know what is happening to you and won’t have any questions to ask. Be in the moment and enjoy. You are having a wonderful experience.

    • Thanks for comforting words!
      We do try to enjoy and do as it’s best for us. Just be on the road or in a tent 🙂
      Sometimes it nevertheless feels that with more and more impressions some get forgotten. So putting it down would be nice…

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