A sunny day tour – 100 km – how does it feel?

How did we make 100 km?

One nice sunny May day in Germany, when everybody is celebrating a Man’s Day getting drunk on the Religious holiday of Christus being taken to the sky, we and one more friend went on a Biketour instead. Without a plan we just took the bike road along the river Elbe towards Sächsische Schweiz, a beautiful region near Dresden!


After a cold and rainy week it was first shiny days, though still a bit cloudy and thus the air in the morning was quite cool and damp but even with a little sun all the blossoms were shamelessly spreading their petals out and filling the air with summer odeurs. All was so awakening!

We just rode further, seeing the sun over the mountain range in front, that once approached was giving us a shadow. It was what made us move forward. Just when we stopped for a lunch at a very sunny spot still being able to see the famous Bastei, I took my jumper off. The meadow in front us was inviting for a sunbath, but the roads were filling up with people, it was getting busy and so we decided to move, but rather into the mountains expecting less people and more calmness.

Along the Elbe we rode till Königstein from where we took a turn into a valley of Biela. Slightly climbing up we followed the streetroad on a slope through the forests along the little busy river Biela up to Cunnersdorf. The village seemed quite a dead in the midday heat so we did not stop until reaching the top of the hill and being above the forests watching the mountainous horizon of Sächsische Schweiz. We stopped at the edge of the other forest and it was nice to get into a shade after climbing and sweating the last kilometers between open fields. We sat for a while, to relax and watch shadows of clouds ramble on the fields above the forests. All felt so nice, except for the asses that were not that comfortable on the bike saddles without gels and pads.. and so we decided to not go much further, but rather down to the Elbe and then back to Dresden

The sun was already well heating, but the wind on the way down the hills was still cold, sharply penetrating through the clothes. I didn’t put anything over my light T-shirt and that wasn’t so nice, but those 10 km down passed so fast that I didn’t happen to freeze. Cooled we went on and on till we crossed the bridge over the Elbe and rested in a sunshine with a beer this time. There were no more climbs, just sunny side of the Elbe, plenty of people and summer warmth!

We did not want to take the train so we just went and went on. When we stopped for a fuel – German sausage, the app we have used, Strava, was showing 83 km. The batteries were running out and so it was switched off. But there was still like more than 20 km left. We could not believe, and thought mistakenly some other road was shown.

So when we came back I checked our road forward in the App and added missing section kilometers which rounded all up nicely to 111 km! ,)

And then of course I wanted to boast a bit so I wrote:

And main question was: how does it feel?!

How does it feel riding 100 km?

Well, it feels so damn good!

Riding the bike, moving forward with a wind, being outside, smelling spring and summer around you and having a beautiful sunny day can’t feel otherwise just really good!

Of course our asses got a bit hurt, and we got tired at the end and a bit burned by sun, but small stops for snacks, for a beer or just for a rest was enough to get us going further. The legs weren’t shaking or twitching or whatever, just slightly sour muscles and wholesome tiredness was felt.

That 100 km didn’t seem too much for us as to my guess the joy of riding in a such a great weather raised adrenalen levels and so we were full of energy! Indeed we don’t do any training, just casual exercising.

We didn’t aim for anything, we just rode and rode as it was fun! And so it wouldn’t have been anything less fun and joyful if we would have been riding just 50 km.

Come on, wouldn’t you enjoy it? Riding on a bicycle road, away from cars, along the river and overtaking other riders is like a feeling of holiday! Especially when you stop for an ice cream! That ice cream becomes tasty, unbelievable! Even being overtaken becomes not that bad unless it was not by a road cyclist, but even then the sun, bird songs and smells of blossoms paints every little disappointment over. Really!

According to Google..

And well, according to the Google Maps if we would have cycled very very straight, we wouldn’t have actually done 111 km…, nor 100 km 😀 But I guess we weren’t that straight and consistent, I must say we surely have reached over 100 km, though who cares!


What do you think?