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Romantic gentleman just like from the past! Interested in making his lady happy, therefore trying a lot of new things like wild camping or even Lithuanian kitchen.

The true cinephile – ask Umut what he hasn’t seen yet or what he wouldn’t like to watch. Loves reading too. Well, it is all about stories – he collects them for the future story of his own.

Newly born amateur bicycle repairman. Still far to the superhero as in Monthy Python’s, but each day one step closer. Slowly, but steady – his moto. After a great repair workshop loves tasting each time different freshly baked oat cookies.

Passionately training Kendo and practicing Zazen to reach his inner calm that sometimes hides deep. Casually goes for a run and to the gym, where sauna is his favourite part: the nice heat in always cold and rainy Germany. Always dreams about sunny and warm weather.

Speaks turkish, english and german, and also good at speaking with hands.


Eternal geographer and explorer! She is always searching for something: around or away, on the way or near the way, inside herself, inside the others or above the sky! And she is interested in learning everything.

Justina loves languages, learning languages too. Not a polyglot, but good at understanding people from ‘half a word’ (though still struggling to understand Umut).

Cooking and healthy living is another recent passion – a new form of creativity and experiments, and so the simple oat cookies never get to be the same. The dinners too, as local food is spiced in Turkish, Indian, Italian way or Lithuanian dishes gets newly born and when all get’s too complicated the lightness of Japanese taste comes it. The balance in the kitchen and in the life she learns from Ayurveda. By practicing yoga and meditation she is learning to manage entangled mind to enjoy of being here and now.

Speaks lithuanian, english, german and french, well a bit russian and spanish.

Both have that “wanderlust gene” longing for discovering and seeing something new, experiencing the unknown. Both already have some travelling experience abroad as well as nearby, going for hikes or rides on weekends or hosting people from all over the world on their couch.

As weekend life was getting too short and not enough, the boredom was biting in and the view from the window was not satisfy anymore…

View from the window

The search for the meaning in life slowly grew out into an idea to a year-round travel. The idea to make such a big journey came to Umut as his lady was always complaining ‘we don’t do anything during weekends’ (which meant no big outdoor experiences). And since Umut always wants to make Justina happy he once put it out loud:

“Let’s do a bike trip, let’s go to see the Himalayas!”

She looked at him to see how serious he was, biking to the Himalayas. And all she could see was the shining and sparkling eyes. The silence followed, to settle the mind. And she simply agreed!

Let’s see the world and the life, let’s bike the life!

Bike the Life team