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Here you will find the story about two people and their travel story, a couple that likes travelling, reading and observing, and instead of getting bored with their lives decided to bike the Life! Yeah! And the big journey started … in 2017! However due to some persistant knee pain, they decided to step down from their bikes for a while and continue the journey by hitchhiking and public transport till the life will show other ways.

So, are you wondering:

Who we are?

It is us, Umut and Justina, who some years ago once have met in a Couchsurfing (CS) meeting in Münster in Germany, and ..hem.. though CS is not a dating site sometimes things happen. And then happened Flensburg, as Umut went to study there, and then Freiberg, as Justina got a job position there and after all happened Dresden. A nice not too small city with beautiful views and Saxonian Swiss so nearby. While moving around Germany we have also traveled around and further and used CS, but not for dating this time. And since the time we moved to Dresden we have started hosting people from all over the world too!

We are simple people but we are not very ordinary with our interests and dreams. If you want to know us better, have a look at About Us.

We are somewhat sportive but we are not trained cyclists. We use our bikes as a transportation mean in the city and around for our weekend escapes. We love cycling and it is a part of our life that soon is going to become even bigger! Therefore if last year we did several over-weekend tours, this year we plan to make them longer and harder (meaning cycling at any conditions) for testing ourselves and pushing our limits.

Why BIKE the life?

Why not? Bike is one of the greatest inventions to enjoy the moving of oneself. It gives you a speed just as much as you push the pedals and though sometimes it can be insanely fast, especially when rolling downhill, most of the time it is not, especially when pushing up. The speed is great to observe and enjoy the landscapes and it is faster than walking. It gives a great power with so little and most important it doesn’t harm anyone, doesn’t pollute directly, it is silent, and it is compact. Plus it is sort of cheap.

Biking is such an easy and natural move that if the bike is arranged well and fits well, everyone can bike the life! Yes, YOU can do it too! You don’t need to be sportive or slim! You don’t need to have an idea about repairing nor even knowing the parts of your bike if you are touring in civilized areas – so to say it is much smaller requirements than for driving licences ,) All you need is a desire to pedal, a desire for that joy you had at your childhood, remember? So? Are you with us ?

Still searching for reasons not to do that? Already have found dozens? Well, usually it is just one – it is you, you are the reason, your mind. Therefore there are just two ways: either you reason further or you are with us. Or the third one: support us!

Why bike THE LIFE?

Once the trip extends over some time it becomes your life.  We plan to cycle a year or even longer as we would love to join the oceans: Atlantic to Pacific (well, not technically of course..). And so a whole year trip it is not an adventure you shortly dive in and then get back from it. Rather it is an adventure where you let yourself fall, like parachuting just horizontally, and there is no way back, just forward and that is how adventure becomes a life.

We hope that with biking as a clean, green and healthy transportation we will raise awareness around us about the sustainable and healthy life-style including dreams and expectations. We dream for the better world and we believe that just self-awareness can lead the humanity there. All main problems we humans have created are because of the lack of respect to each other and so respect to ourselves. Check the Dream to find the explanation of philosophy behind the Bike the Life.

What is the plan?

Starting in 2017 to join the oceans together, Atlantic with Pacific, and visit as many places in between and learn as much as we can from the environment, the people we meet and ourselves. We want to cycle to Himalayas, cross Pamir and Taklamakan desert (at least the edge), step into Lhasa as well as get overwhelmed by colourful India and relax on a Phuket beach… and much much more. Check our ideas and share with us your ideas or give us suggestions on the Route.

We wish to start in next winter starting with 2017 in Europe in Netherlands in order to find ourselves in Himalayas in summer and the hot humid India in Autumn. According to our plan in a year we might get as far as Thailand, and then we will see…

We have a plan to bike for a year, as probably we will run out of our savings by then. Or maybe on the way we will find great supporters, great dreamers and Justina’s postcards lovers?

If by any chance you are interested in dreaming with us, become our Dream Partner too!


And don’t forget to check our ongoing Story! 

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